Tulum Travel Guide – Frequently Asked Questions about spending plan and travel to Tulum

The modest community of Tulum, Mexico is two hours south, and light a long time from insane Cancun, and four hours north of the Belize line. The Riviera Maya is the space of Mexico’s Caribbean coast from Cancun to about Tulum, and Tulum is about thirty minutes south of the gringo jungle gym Playa del Carmen. The coastline extending from roughly 100 miles south of Tulum to Belize is known as the Costa Maya.

Why you need to visit Tulum

Tulum is everything superb about the Mexican Caribbean. It has been found, no uncertainty, however the white sugar sea shores are still probably the best I have at any point gone to. The sea is as clear as possible get an extraordinary supper at the bus stop for two dollars. You can likewise rest in Tulum for simple pesos.

On the off chance that that is sufficiently not, what about fun, open air bars and astounding Mayan ruins? I arrived before the remainder of the world discovers. Talking about swarms, visit the close by vestiges and stops promptly toward the beginning of the day: the Cancun jams are transported in later and will overwhelm you on the off chance that you decide to visit anyplace around then.

How is it in Tulum?

Tulum hushes up, with not very many clubs or nightlife to talk about, besides during Carnival season in February. The primary piece of town rides Highway 307, which goes through the Riviera Maya from south of Cancun, and comprises of a couple of vacationer slows down, nearby stores and seemingly many spots to eat chicken. The town is home to some spending burrows and web bistros. The “Lodging Zone” is about a mile east of the sea shore, just like the celebrated Mayan vestiges of Tulum.

Shouldn’t something be said about Tulum’s Hotel Zone?

Tulum’s “Lodging Zone”, on a sea shore street corresponding to the coast, is the place where the activity is, and that is something to be thankful for. It’s very nearly a different spot from the town of Tulum, and has a totally extraordinary environment.

The three-mile-extended length is populated by some extravagant burrows nowadays, however loungers under palapas can in any case be had for $10/night. Generators supply power for a significant part of the day, with intermittent blackouts at busy times. Anticipate amicable local people, yoga, wellbeing vibes and early evenings.

Getting to Tulum

I trust I’ve persuaded you to go to Tulum, in which case your initial steps are sorting out some way to arrive. Luckily, it’s too basic and reasonable.

To get to Tulum, you’ll in all likelihood pick to fly into the Cancun air terminal, which is the nearest air terminal to the city. From that point, you can take a Cancun to Tulum Shuttle administration. Make certain to take a gander at the board on the transport peruser so you know where you are going.

You can likewise take a van from Cancun air terminal to Playa del Carmen and from that point take a transport, however, it is more convoluted.

Where to remain in Tulum

Housing alternatives in Tulum range from costly eco-hotels to palapa-roofed sea shore cabanas for $10 each night. Look at the Hotel Zone’s Piedra Escondida in case you’re searching for a spot to overdo it: stay higher up in room six and watch the sun ascend over the Caribbean through French entryways prompting a scaled down wooden gallery.

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